Vegan Travel

I remember when I was a teenager and I use to sit and watch the travel channel on Sky day dreaming one day I would go on one of those holidays!

Once I was 18 and started gaining more financial independence through working and studying, I started to slowly explore the world. I am fortunate enough to have touched five continents of the world and have visited over 30 centuries!

During my vegan journey I have gone travelling round Asia for a month with my husband, baby and backpacks. We visited Singapore, Tokyo, Malaysia, Langkawi and India! I was surprised in all these places I found vegan food, remember it doesn’t have to say vegan to be vegan! I must say for me Asian vegan food is my fav and I can’t wait to explore Chinese vegan food in Shanghai next week.

I have also visited Paris which was really difficult to find vegan food and so I found my self eating French fries and croissants most of the time, although I found one cool vegan restaurant!  

But my biggest surprise during my vegan travels was Brazil, wow they have loads of vegan options and you can even order vegan food on urber eats and get it delivered to you which is handy with a tied toddler in the evening!

But let’s be honest there is no place like home, London by far has the largest vegan restaurants and options from all around the world that makes me super happy to be a vegan Londoner!!!


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