Vegan Food

Food glorious food!!! When I tell people I’m vegan the normal reaction is what do you eat with a confused face.

I have made it my mission to show vegan does not mean boring, tasteless and expensive. I have a spag bowl but just replace mince with lentils! I have curries where I just don’t have meat and would have chick peas. Ohhhhh and yes I also have a roast, @linda McCartney vegan sausages or vegan roast is lush with all the trimmings!! Let’s not forget the fun stuff like tacos with vegan mince and my fav tofu, ohhhhh I do like sweet and sour!

And guess what Vegan also have cakes I have made a mean banana bread just check out the vegan balms instergram it’s delicious but still need to try and make vegan chocolate brownies.

I must say @deliciouslyella has some great inspirational recipes, even if you don’t have all the ingredients jus mix it up and be creative you would be surprised how well it taste!

Basically I have found my shopping bill drastically reduce by going vegan, buying raw veg, pulses and seasonings over processed and guess what it’s more healthy!!!

Go on give a vegan meal a try by cooking at home or ordering vegan dish next time your out, live on the wild side!!!  


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