We are passionate about producing high quality products that are environmentally friendly and free from animal cruelty. We provide balms for the while family that are suitable for everyday use. All of our products are handmade and we use only natural ingredients.

Our herbalist ( Arione West)

I have always loved nature and been amazed by its beauty. Most of us seek sanctuary from the daily stresses of life by being in nature. Whether that’s walking in the countryside or being by the sea, nature both energises and calms us. I began my spiritual journey about 15 years ago and with this my love of nature increased. Learning to connect to nature’s energy is essential for our emotional wellbeing. I have studied herbalism and continue to be in awe of the natural healing properties found in plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs. 

I was searching for a natural balm for my baby’s dry skin and hair loss, I contacted my friend Arione West and she made me a vegan baby balm that is all natural. I have been using it on my doughtier for over a year and it’s amazing and wanted to share it with the world. This is how me and Arione West came together to develop vegan balms. Over the last year I have embarked on a journey into the vegan lifestyle through food, travel and skin care which has been an amazing journey shared on the vegan balm instergram and highlights on our blog.