Vegan Balms and skin care

I never took any notice of skincare until I had my daughter Faye and was told by the health visitors not to use high street baby brands as they are full of chemicals.

I didn’t know where to start to look for natural baby products and went with the first product off the supermarket shelf that said natural or organic. Faye got dry and Flakey skin and when I googled what to make her hair grow I saw coconut oil and olive oil which only made her hair fall out! I was at a loose end and spoke to my friend Arione West as she is a herbalist and makes her own skin care products at home. She made me a unique baby balm that faye has been using for over a year, her dry skin has gone and hair has grown, she now has soft skin and silky hair.

This was how Vegan Balms was born and the more we explored different ranges the more we realised it’s not just baby balms but soaps, shampoo bars, face masks, shower jelly’s and much more that are all vegan, cruilty free and British made that we can share with the world! We are still working on eco friendly packaging and more then half are products packaging is biodegradable, we are working hard towards 100% of vegan balms products in eco friendly packaging.  

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