Men need pampering too

It's has been a busy summer for Vegan balms we have taken a huge leap from online shopping and ventured to markets and festivals for the first time in the company's history!

We have  noticed that men normally hang around our stall, look bored and uninterested when their female company passes by the vegan balms stall to look at our luxury products.


This prompted me to speak to multiple male customers to find that they liked to smell nice and pamper themselves however, they may need encouragement of the products being presented directly to them rather then having to look online.

This gave me the fantastic brain storm to develope the Vegan balms men's range that came off the back of the hair and beard oil that is already an established product!

We are now pleased to announce Vegan balms has a men's range consisting of men's natural deodorant, natural shave soap, aftershave serum, bath bomb, sugar scrubs and range of soaps!

Come and explore the new men's range of vegan balms! 

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